2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, Rear A/C Evaporator Repair

Mark: hello, it is Mark Bossert, producer of the Pawlik automobile Podcast and broadcast. How are you doing this morning, Bernie? Bernie: Doing very good. Mark: Bernie, we’re speakme a couple of 2010 Grand Caravan. It had a rear AC evaporator drawback this morning. What was once occurring with this auto? Bernie: The automobile’s air conditioning procedure had stopped working, and it certainly had … We serviced the car a couple of occasions. We might recharged it and carried out a diagnostic beforehand. Not ever found simply the rationale of the leak, and it looked as if it would preserve strain quite well, so we recharged it, and after a few months it stopped working again. At this factor, we put some UV dye in the process. We had been equipped to find the leak, and it was coming from the rear evaporator. Mark: the place’s the rear evaporator placed? Bernie: well, it’s in the rear. Why don’t we simply get into some images, and we are able to have a better appear at it? 2010 sidestep Caravan. Basic Caravan in its extra boxy structure that it now looks like. So far as the evaporator, there may be the … That is the region of the rear evaporator.Now, this is taken through the back with the tailgate up, and this is the tailgate seal. This is the correct hand facet, so for those who’ve ever checked out these large plastic covers that sit on the facet and questioned what’s beneath that quilt, that is what you can in finding in case you pull the correct hand side cover off. You will see the back subject here the place the seats are stowed away. So, what’s on this piece here is this is a fan. It can be received … These pipes listed here are a heater pipes. So, there is a heater core in the rear, which is located right here, so this is scorching water that comes from the engine’s cooling process that goes in the again right here, after which within this field, the evaporator core sits. It can be hidden away within here. So again, the question is how do we find it? UV dye is a good approach and we’ll speak some extra about how we find some of these matters in a minute, but that is where it can be located.This field, this entire unit needs to be dismantled and eliminated to get the evaporator out. Mark: So, that seems like a sexy complicated leak to seek out. Are some AC leaks like this? Are they most often beautiful tough to search out? Bernie: they’re. AC leaks can also be tremendously complicated to find and type of exasperating. When we get a vehicle within the store and someone’s got a difficulty, we wish to in finding it as fast as we will and fix it, and air-con is a type of particularly elaborate matters the place it will possibly in general take fairly a number of tries to repair it. I mean, should you simply want to say, "hiya, i want you to fix it," and we will find a leak, I imply, we will take everything apart, however for hundreds of thousands of greenbacks.Most men and women do not wish to spend that. We do not particularly need to try this anyhow on the grounds that it’s quite a waste of your cash. So, usually it takes just a little time to discover the place the leaks coming from it, however i’ll simply show you what we observed when we checked out this evaporator core. UV dye is without doubt one of the objects that we use to find the leak. So, this piece here, this is the growth valve. It can be bolted on the bottom of the evaporator core, and it clearly pokes out from the backside of the rear AC heater box, and so round here, we could see a sort of festering of greenish color. Sorry, i will get the photograph again once more. Type of a greenish color all around right here, and that’s the UV dye that is been seeping out round this unit right here. So, right away we knew, ok, that is a particular situation when you consider that it just isn’t right here.This section is exposed to the environment, and it gets dealt with harshly. So, the evaporator is absolutely hooked up right here. These are the pipes of the evaporator that bolts to the expansion valve, and then on this finish of it, the pipes that go to the rear AC procedure that run correct from the entrance of the auto from the engine compartment are attached here. So they run the length of the automobile. And it is a alternatively cool snapshot. No, you haven’t taken any unusual psychedelic medications. This is an interesting picture. That is what we see when we appear for the leak. So now we have a … UV dye is sensitive to ultraviolet light, which is a variety of crimson coloured mild, and it works best if we put on yellow coloured glasses. So, I genuinely took this photo through the yellow colored glasses, and that is like absolute evidence of a leak right here.That is the oil that’s leaked out and stained inexperienced, so the red is just from the light, the yellow is simply from the glasses, and that is a leak, so very evident. Mark: And that is the rear evaporator that you’re showing there? Bernie: that is the rear evaporator, yeah. It is like a heater core. It sincerely radiates out bloodless air is pretty much what it does, so. Mark: appears like an actual anguish. You used UV dye to seek out this one. Is that the traditional system? Are there different things you utilize to search out these leaks? Bernie: We do, and there is a couple of methods to discovering leaks. I imply, first, of direction, is a visible inspection to see whether you could simply see leaks seeing that a lot of times a leak will also be so bad it can be obvious. Now, like air con and refrigerant in and of itself is in many instances liquid, normally fuel, however it’s the oil that’s in the process that variety of offers it away.That’ll depart a trace of whatever. So, once we put the UV dye in, that’s in the oil and that’s what leaves the hint of leakage, but there are a number of add-ons on AC that you just cannot see, like this rear evaporator core, for illustration. It is buried. It is hidden. There may be a front evaporator, as well. That is below the sprint. Again, that can be $1,000 worth of labor or extra to take away that to absolutely seem at it. So, we wish proof before we take that apart that that’s what you need, but there’s a variety of pipes and fittings and hoses and even the compressor. These components are all buried in extraordinary elements on the auto, so discovering AC leaks can be elaborate.So, dye is a technique, and the second most normal approach we use is with an digital refrigerant detector. So, this is an object, it has a little bit probe, and we are able to move it around to quite a lot of elements, and when it detects refrigerant, it would making a beeping noise. The only factor about this piece that’s traumatic is that they frequently provide quite a few false alarms. So, while you discover a leak for distinct it really works, however typically it is going to give little false alarms, so if it can be a tiny, little, minute leak, we will by no means be one hundred% sure, so the dye is commonly the high-quality procedure, but between all of those things, we more often than not find a way, and routinely it just takes time and patience, perhaps repeatedly one or two refills of the process in order for matters to variety of push their means by way of and in finding the leak.Mark: and how significant of a job used to be the evaporator alternative on this 2010 Caravan? Bernie: it is a reasonable bit of work but obviously no longer as unhealthy as a entrance one. Simply clearly the part panel needed to be removed, which is a fair bit of labor. Side panel eliminated, the box out, and of direction the AC approach needs to be evacuated after which recharged again after provider. It is a few hours work to try this, but minute in evaluation compared to the front evaporator.A lot much less tricky. Mark: And Caravans were around for a very long time now. How are they in this day and age for reliability? Bernie: i might say a lot better than they was once. I’ve been servicing Caravans because they first came out. They’re virtually an iconic minivan, but they may be certainly so much much less fashionable than they was once. There may be just a lot more competition out there. I might say, as I consistently say, Toyotas and Hondas are on the whole obviously extra reliable, however Caravans are significantly better rate, so overall you’ll commonly have a number of extra problems with them given a ten year span or slightly longer, however the price you pay is loads cut back, so it customarily works out dollar sensible, much less money to have a Caravan, and matters like transmissions do not look to head as most commonly as they used to, which was relatively a usual trouble on them, so absolutely better than they used to be. Mark: So there you go. If you’re looking for carrier on your sidestep Caravan, any 12 months, in Vancouver, the fellows to look are Pawlik automobile. You could reach them at 604-327-7112 to book your appointment. You must ebook forward.They may be busy. Or verify out their website, PawlikAutomotive.Com. Now we have our YouTube channel, Pawlik Auto repair. Enormous quantities of movies on there, as well as confidently you’re listing on our new podcast. Thanks, Bernie. Bernie: Thanks, Mark. .