How to repair climate control on Peugeot 307 and Citroen C4 – OE kit code 16070440 80

Hi there at present i will exhibit you restore dual local weather manage on Peugeot 307 (2004-2008) and Citroen C4 (2004-2009) The crisis is that many times the correct side blows very hot air at the same time the left aspect is bloodless. This occurs with the temperature being set the equal on all sides. A different crisis is Air distribution adjustment even if the air waft is directed best to the windshield The air will come out on the opposite air shops The main issue is equipment from the actuators placed in the left and right On the left facet must dispose of plastic covers And the correct part we take away glove box do away with that three clips and panel right here is the proper part servomotor Now get rid of the screw from glove field utilizing torx key Extract glove box lamp yet another screw under the glove box subsequently, glove field removed once more servo from proper facet That directs air to proper outlets: up, middle and down or mixed right here is servo for recicle air And servo for temperature adjustment cast off servo that directs air to the outlets, utilising torx key right here is lever damage it’ll get replaced Now eliminate servo adjusts the temperature on correct facet, utilizing the identical torx key right here is the fault gear we will be able to change the gear from servomotor with new gear from package Now cast off damage lever utilizing screwdriver right here we have repair kit New support for servomotor New gear And a brand new lever Now get rid of the fault equipment from servo utilizing screwdriver place the new support for servo After that, location the historic apparatus on servo And the new equipment relying on the facet on the way to be used here now we have the brand new lever Now fixing the new lever on help in the equal role like old lever before mounting the servo for path regulate, begin engine and ventilation Insert the plug in servomotor And regulate air outlet to down side from climatronic Now alter the lever to have air handiest on down aspect Then we mount servo with carefully without change the position test the operation Down and middle most effective middle Now mount wihte apparatus in aid start again engine and air flow to set proper function of servo Put in function to have cold air Insert the plug in servomotor, and set "LO" temp from panel to proper part And after that mount the servo utilizing new screws from repair kit Now examine to look if have the proper temperature assembly is in reverse order of disassembly To the left side, the operations are the equal as in the proper Thanks for watching !