Why Not To Buy A Rebuilt AC Compressor

One two three 4! Rev up your engines it is time for the scotty kilmer channel today i’ll exhibit you why not to buy a remanufactured air con compressor due to the fact that on this Honda Prelude there is quantity one remanufactured there is number two remanufactured and here’s number three manufactured I simply mounted on the vehicle now unluckily on this 1989 Prelude i could not get anything but remanufactured Honda says it is an out of date section and all my provider mentioned they can not get a brand new compressor for this they mentioned if it was an accord they would get one with the preludes they failed to promote enough of them it’s an additional compressor and which you can simplest get remanufacturing so i am attempting a different remanufactured ones i am doing it for the patron totally free but I mentioned i’m no longer going to do any more after this if this one breaks down number 2 remanufactured right here it labored but after a couple of month or two it can be began making horrible honking noises and whilst you turn the air conditioner off it’s stopped making the noise so i do know they did a awful job rebuilding a stupid thing now up to now the 1/3 one who I just mounted is not making any bizarre clanking noises and it’s blowing first-class ice bloodless air however it’s the 1/3 one so that you could think i am no longer that trust worthwhile of the item now i’m going to take this one apart to show you why do not believe them on account that they’re so intricate inside preserve taking it aside to get the inside just a little hammering, then take some extra constituents off and some extra and now we can split it in half of and as you will see inside it can be style of like a Mazda rotary engine spins round to compress it is very difficult and it can be very tough to rebuild these matters accurately and when you seem carefully here at the finish it can be simply metal to steel there isn’t a piston rings or seals in order they put on they just wear out so while you rebuild them heck odds are it can be not going to seal all that well I just lately read an article by means of a man who exams these rebuilt compressors and he claims that over two-thirds of them put out less than 1/2 of the power that a company new one would so now not simplest may not last lengthy after they rebuild them they are now not going to work as good both and when it’s as scorching as it is here in Texas it is best June but it’s already sweltering howdy you need an air con that works with a 100% vigor a hundred percentage of the time and it is going to final for years so next time your air-con compressor crapped out take my recommendation set up a manufacturer new one and remember in the event you’ve bought any vehicle questions just visit scottykilmer.Com