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Hey, this is Ron from HVAC coaching options if you happen to stick with me right here for the subsequent couple minutes at the end of this short video i will offer you a sample of one of the vital HVAC training that we can provide to you on-line so if you’re observing this video you’ve regularly been looking excessive and low to search out the right HVAC course that matches your price range that fits your wishes time table and so on you could have mostly checked out HVAC colleges exchange colleges and other online publications: it is beautiful complicated trying to determine that out so to start with i’ll aid you figure out if HVAC might be right for then you definately expectantly you’ll be able to determine that our coaching is an efficient fit for you as well so the HVAC industry the roles within the hvac industry are developing 21 percent faster than the national normal correctly I suppose thats going to get even bigger as years go via the cause being is the older HVAC technicians are retiring and leaving the trades at a expense 4 or five to one so that implies that there are four or five older HVAC technicians that are placing up their device belts to one and all technician that is coming in new so the job market is simply going to get better and greater as time goes on now the average cash for HVAC technicians is ready 45 thousand dollars a yr but which you can earn sixty to sixty 5 thousand greenbacks a 12 months after about five years you must be certain that your notable technician on prime of your recreation good-expert and fine with persons there may be always jobs available it does not matter whether or not you live on the east coast to the west coast within the northern snow nation or down the place it is smoking scorching in Texas there’s continually jobs irrespective of where you go the opposite factor is bought to be beautiful intelligent this is a pondering man’s exchange you must comprehend welding and brazing electrical power plumbing you need to be able to troubleshoot electronically you additionally ought to be a salesman and also you must support folks by way of these instances once they’ve been without warmness or air-con and so they’re just miserable so is on-line training and the HVAC enterprise correct for you best that you would be able to make a decision that however..What i can tell you if you are inspired you’re looking for fine training that matches your agenda this is the path for you and if you’re no longer inclined to be prompted and participating be in contact and work our to be trained a trade that would pay very well this course in’t for you so expectantly decude that it is when you have any questions after looking at these movies which you can supply me a call 904-742-9511 and i will aid you in anyway that i can now stand through for your brief HVAC training video on this demonstration we will use a multimeter and a schematic and then we’re gonna appear at what a natural compressor should seem like if you are going to ohm out the windings in view that you’re suspecting that it can be bad the consider that you just need to be aware though is while you were doing resistance measurements any aspect you have got to disconnect these wires right here or unplug the plug or disconnect the wires to isolate the element that you’re trying out if you do not then it can backfeed thru the other add-ons within the system so make sure that you just disconnect the the accessories that you are checking when you’re doing a resistance dimension grasp your meter and you’re going to modify it to ohms and we’ll we’re going to measure between the customary and the run winding and that offers the resistance measurement of two ohms then you are going to measure between the normal and the begin winding that gives you a resistance measurement 10 ohms now you’ll discover right here within the schematic diagram that if you measure from to run it must be the whole the 2 measurements that you just simply took that have been 10 and a couple of ohms and a and you see here it is a excellent compressor we’ve measured 10 ohms throughout customary to 2 ohms across fashioned to run and then the whole of 12 ohms throughout begin to run now the different compressors will have different resistance measurements however the whole between normal and begin and original and run we are going to total it up that’s what we should be measuring between the start and run winding and when you measure something over 20 ohms on any leg you ordinarily have a a foul compressor however this one happened to determine out just right so the following one will seem at is an open winding within the compressor