Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Orange County

Hello Franciscos Franciscos automotive if you are gazing this video it’s due to the fact that you are living in Orange County and you are looking for help in automobile air conditioning you got here to the right place. I have a store on Slater in Huntington seaside this is my panorama now let me exhibit you my retailer I began my save and i specialise in Electrical and air con right from the establishing in the early eighty’s I noticed the necessity for air-con I Ran a gorgeous massive store in orange county that did not do air conditioning so I personally went to take the path within the early 80’s for air-con and from there it evolved I receives a commission to teach air-con I instruct persons I absolutely helped established a training direction on air conditioning on fundamentals of air conditioning which quite a lot of people did not be aware of then now which you could air-con, however you also must recognize Electrical seeing that various the air con issues they received Electrical compressors now a days that aren’t even driven through a belt the variable compressors that pressures matter greatly you got some cars that take a pound of refrigerant and as little as 10 % underneath cost can ship your compressor to an early grave or 10% over charge so technology has come some distance so you must recognize electrical you have got to have the Electrical equipment and you have got to have the air-con machines now i’ve three new Snap-On a couple of ancient ones an R-12 i’ve different air con machines that I didn’t convey out and so you have got apparatus and you have the educational and a number of persons don’t even recognize you need a specified air conditioning desktop for Hybrids for those who do not have it then particularly god aid you for the reason that you might be crash up The Electrical approach we have now the gear the training my guys are expert in Electrical educated in air-con i’ve 6 machines should you come we get happening the job immediately considering the fact that in the summertime time you’re going to see all these machines being used I mean loads so when you’ve got any automobile questions and also you live in Orange County related to air con or Electrical or some thing give me a name 714-375-2661 and most of my work carries a 3 years / 36,000 miles assurance so give me a call with any of your questions and thanks for looking at the video

Car Air Conditioning Repair : How to Find Car Air Conditioner Parts

Hi my title is Mark Delgado with American Auto carrier for informed Village. The rationale I chose this ninety seven Nissan Pickup was once due to the fact the compressor is seen and one of the other accessories are just as visible. To realise the basic airconditioning approach we on the airconditioner compressor which on this automobile is located beneath the distributor. That compresses the refrigerant gasoline that comes up by means of right here, via this high pressure line into the condensor. When it’s in the condensor it cools the excessive strain fuel and it condenses right into a high strain liquid. It exits the condensor to this receiver dryer here which filters and gets rid of debrie and moisture. From there the road will run in via and earlier than it enters the evaporator coral there may be a variety valve which is a limit which creates a low pressure liquid. .