Aluminum HVAC Repair

A leak, pinhole, or small punctures in an aluminum evaporator coil. Restore? Or substitute? The functional answer is to get your patron up and strolling rapidly and price quite simply with helpful One AL 822 brazing alloy. Typical aluminum silicone brazes alloys melt reasonably nearly the melting factor of the bottom metallic of an aluminum coil. AL 822 melts at a decrease temperature, virtually 300 degrees Fahrenheit under the melting point of the base metals used for average aluminum coils so there’s little threat the brazing can further harm the coil. Seeing that helpful One AL 822 is a fluxed cored braze alloy, extra flux isn’t needed, a non-corrosive flux is constructed-in, proper throughout the core of the rod, fill the repair, and you’re executed. Most effective a non-corrosive white residue will remain, no publish-brazing cleaning is required. This is how you can perform a restore, clean the restore area to put off any dirt and oil that may hinder the brazing filler metallic from adhering to the outside.Reasonably pre-heat the discipline to be repaired. Then follow heat to both the rod and coil as soon as the flux starts offevolved to go with the flow, and the rod melts, fill the restore discipline. AL 822 can repair evaporator coils, condenser coils, aluminum tubing, aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper or every other aluminum accessories together with aluminum to copper transition joints. Save you and your customer priceless time. Get monetary savings by repairing no longer exchanging costly aluminum evaporator coils. Helpful One Al 822, the sensible solution from Lucas Milhaupt. .