Furnace – Blower Fan | Repair and Replace

Hello, i am Vance and welcome again to repair and change. On this episode i will exhibit you how you can substitute the blower motor and wheel in a gas furnace. When the burner is lit the blower fan is too late from going for walks to enable the warmth exchanger to heat up. This prevents the furnace from circulating cold air. The blower fan then pushes the air over the heat exchanger and circulates it around your home. If the blower motor is receiving energy and still won’t turn then the motor maybe seized or burnt out. Now if the blower is noisy, or grinds when it spins then it is first-rate to interchange the blower wheel.To begin you might want a blower motor, a blower wheel, a screwdriver or nut driver and gloves Be aware that there aren’t any returns or refunds on electronic gadgets as soon as hooked up. So, you can also want to consult a expert reliable before purchasing. When working in your furnace invariably shut off the power and shut the gas valve. Do away with the top duvet panel. Many furnaces use a push lock or twist lock, now cast off the blower quilt panel When accessing the blower meeting it can be pleasant to put on cut resistant gloves sheet steel can have sharp edges so watch out next unscrew the mounting screws You could have got to put off the control board if it can be installed in front of the blower First take a picture, so you can recognize find out how to reconnect the wires afterwards now disconnect the motor wires Unscrew and set the control board off to the side Now slide the blower assembly out First loosen the screw that secures the blower wheel to the motor shaft Now flip the assembly over Disconnect the ground wire this wire is often green if your model has a capacitor Disconnect the wires and dispose of it subsequent use a socket wrench to dispose of the mounting screws retaining the motor to the housing Now cast off the motor Now pull out the old blower wheel next hooked up the new blower wheel keep in mind and mark the position of the motor within the mounting bracket Unscrew the bracket screws and put off the motor Slide the new motor into the bracket and align the function with the mark Now tighten the bracket screws Slide the motor shaft into the blower wheel Now align the holes within the mounting bracket and tighten the screws middle the blower wheel and align the flat part of the motor shaft and tighten the setscrew Now reconnect the bottom wire and replace the capacitor Align the rails and slide the blower assembly into situation next relaxed the manage board and Reconnect the wires Now tighten the mounting screws Many furnaces have a swap that cuts power to the furnace if the blower quilt is open So be certain that the panel is effectively aligned and secure Now exchange the higher duvet next open the fuel valve Now activate the power to your furnace The furnace should be going for walks more often than not If you are nonetheless not sure what’s causing the predicament for your furnace then watch our troubleshooting guide for a step-via-step breakdown, and there is a hyperlink to this in the description below if you determined this video priceless then Subscribe to our Channel we’re always filming new content per week, so tell us what repairs you’d like to peer subsequent and if you want a part for that restore then talk over with our internet site We stock hundreds of thousands of hard-to-find parts, and we will ship it out to you the same day Thanks for watching