How to Troubleshoot a Condensate Pump | Repair and Replace

Hello i am Vance and welcome back to repair and replace. If there may be water leaking out of your furnace or air-con unit, then it can be seemingly that your condensate pump has stopped working. On this episode i’ll exhibit you how one can troubleshoot and substitute your condensate pump. Condenser furnaces and air conditioning units each produce water as a derivative. High-effectivity furnaces condense water vapor to extract further heat from the air the air. Air conditioners now not simplest cool the air to your house in addition they get rid of moisture. This extra water is fine removed with the aid of gravity through a flooring drain. Condensate pumps are used when a ground drain is not useful. As water flows into the condensate pump basin the water stage rises and triggers the glide switch. The motor then pumps the water up via the discharge tube. When the water level drops the waft swap disengages and shuts off the pump Some models include a safety switch so that it will shut the furnace off if the extent gets too excessive. This can also be valuable within the case of a pump failure because the water can rapidly add up.A condenser furnace can produce up to 20 liters of water a day even as an air conditioner on a humid day can produce up to 40 liters of water. To you could need a screwdriver, a nut driver an adjustable wrench, and a small bucket First easy up the water around the pump. Fill the reservoir with a bit bit of water and notice if the motor begins running. Detect if there may be any water leaking from the backside as this might imply the plastic reservoir is cracked.If the motor runs however the water degree would not drop then the determine valve possibly plugged. Turn off the furnace and disconnect the pump. Now do away with the discharge tube and let any water drain into the bucket. Subsequent unscrew the assess valve. You should be equipped to believe the valve move. If it is caught then use compressed air to free the verify valve. Now reconnect the pump and test the unit. If that doesn’t repair the drawback then the pump possibly plugged internally. In this case it’s best to get a new pump If the reservoir is full and the pump doesn’t run then first verify a number of matters. Flip off the furnace and disconnect the pump. It’s now riskless to get rid of the cover. Next determine to see if the waft switch moves freely. If the float is caught it could actually avert the motor from walking. Now reconnect the pump and test the unit. If the motor still doesn’t run then it is high-quality to replace the condensate pump.First flip off the furnace and unplug the ancient condensate pump. In case your pump has a defense switch then disconnect the wires. Subsequent loosen the mounting screws. Now disconnect the discharge tube and let any water drain into the bucket. Swivel and put off the inlet pipes. Now slide the ancient pump out of the best way. In some models you could have to set up a mounting bracket. Different items will screw directly into the aspect of the furnace. Now join the inlet pipe and set the pump into situation. Subsequent attach the discharge tube to the barbed fitting. If your historic pump used a defense change then connect the wires to the brand new swap. Now plug within the pump and switch on your furnace. Ultimately experiment your new pump. Fill the reservoir with some water to be certain it’s working. And there you go, your new condensate pump will have to handle any water made by means of your furnace or air conditioner.For those who appreciated this and want to see more tutorials and informational videos, then subscribe to our Channel. And if you want support you can call or visit an AMRE place to talk with our trained staff. Thanks for gazing. .