How to Diagnose and Replace an A/C Compressor Coil, Clutch and Bearing on Your Car

Hello how is it going do it yourselfers, on this video i’m going to exhibit you how you can diagnose and repair issues together with your cars AC compressor. Whether you might be having issues along with your AC compressor clutch, your AC compressor pulley and bearing or your AC Compressor coil today i’m going to show you how one can experiment and substitute all of them. Very well so first we will begin with the AC compressor seize coil, okay so if you wish to scan your coil what you you can want first is a twelve volt vigor provide.Subsequent you wish to have to get rid of the connector that goes to your compressor and than in the event you acquired two wires you need to ensure which one is which on this one black one is going to be floor and the white is going to be our voltage. Now in case your AC compressor only has one wire going to it alternatively of two that means that one wire is the place you’ll get your twelve volts. And that your compressor is grounded by way of the physique of the compressor through your engine so you need to get your self some jumper cables and connect to the compressor and the negative aspect of the battery in case you are bench checking out this.And next once we make our connections we must see the AC compressor seize have interaction. Here’s a nearer shot, and now with this engaged after I turn the pulley the grasp turns with the pulley. And when it can be disengaged handiest the pulley turns. All right subsequent lets cover some clutch and bearing problems, so what you wan to do is to do away with your belt, and than play along with your take hold of make sure there is not any immoderate play or noise, it’s now not lose than want you wish to have to do is to spin your pulley and take heed to the bearing that is inside there in case you hear any rumbling or any style of noise or play from the pulley than that might point out a situation with the bearing that is inside this pulley and that means you have got to change it.Now the good news is in the event you ought to exchange the take hold of the bearing, the pulley or the coil to your AC compressor you don’t ought to substitute your AC compressor, which you can just buy those materials separately and remove and replace them as i am about to exhibit you. And even higher information is you don’t have to evacuate your AC approach that you can just go away the strains attached to your AC compressor, however when you should not have sufficient room in entrance of your AC compressor to work on these that you could just un mount your AC compressor which goes to be in general attached to a bracket or your engine through four bolts after which simply somewhat transfer it round with the AC strains nonetheless hooked up to it, as long as you do not pull on this quite hard or you know pry in opposition to these strains you are not going to have a concern, that you can simply undo these bolts and move this to a situation where you’ve got some room that you can work on the your AC compressor seize and pulley.All right step one is to remove this bolt, now and have an impact on gun would quite simply take this out, but by and large you can cast off it with an effective ratchet and a socket as well should you do this. Truly put your ratchet on here, and than preserve it in with one finger, than get a hammer and provides it excellent stable wack, like that. You could have to do that a couple of occasions, nevertheless it in most cases comes loose after a couple of tries, there. O.K. Next we’re going to take away our seize simply by way of pulling on it however be careful as you are pulling this out considering that there is going to be spacers between your grasp and the shaft for you AC compressor that you don’t want to lose and as long as you go best and gradual that you would be able to almost always see the spacers and shop them. And here’s a seem at our seize and i do not know for those who guys can inform however there is a spacers proper in there. There it’s we just bought one for this one, however typically there’s a bunch of them and they’re rather a lot thinner than this so ensure you don’t lose them.Okay here is a seem at our compressor pulley, there is a bearing in aspect of this and this is the contact surface, this is the contact surface the place it engages our seize. All right now with the intention to eliminate this pulley first we need to remove this snap ring. Alright so go ahead and take hold of your snap ring pliers, and eliminating these is usually beautiful straight ahead, like this. Okay subsequent if you’re luck you can simply pull on this pulley and it’s going to slide off the compressor however quite often speakme you might be most likely now not going to be that lucky. So what you need to do subsequent is to grab your self some penetrating fluid, and spray it all around right here, subsequent if in case you have enough swing room which you can get a rubber mallet and hit the back of the pulley, and you already know simply hit it a few instances flip it, hit it a couple of occasions flip it, that way it comes out evenly and it doesn’t bind within right here.If that does not work that you would be able to just employ yourself or buy a two or three jaw puller, and this manner you can put this around the pulley, and you can screw this in and that is going to drag this pulley and eliminate it. However I think, i will be able to put off this pulley with just a rubber mallet. There we go. Very well so here’s a seem at our pulley, and right here is our bearing, see this guy this is our compressor bearing that is inside of right here, now you probably have a bad bearing and need to exchange it, changing this is very effortless, you just get a socket, put it on prime right here on this finish, than you utilize a hammer to knock out this bearing and than whilst you get your new bearing you place it on this finish, however you will need one other socket that’s the circumference of the outer lip of the bearing, that way you are urgent on the outer lip of the bearing if you find yourself hammering it.Cause should you press on the inner lip or on the center piece, you might damage the bearing so that you desire a socket that’s exactly the circumference of the outer lip of the bearing, and than you can just hammer that in and it mainly goes in without so much fuss in any respect, and that’s most of the time it. Additionally if the auto materials retailer can’t find you a bearing for anything purpose on your air compressor, which you could just go try to in finding one off the numbers that are on these bearings. O.K. And here is a look at our stator or coil for our ac compressor snatch and there you can find the 2 wires that go to it from this connector. And that is sincerely held in through yet another snap ring that is inside of right here.Very well once once more with the whole thing out and about it will be less difficult to exhibit you ways this works once more, so again the coil goes to be inside of your pulley, it’s going to ride very close to the pulley without touching it ok so this pulley is sitting in like this the entire approach in i’m not going to be capable to get it all the method in right now but you guys get the photo that coil is inside of right here and than when that becomes activated it creats a magnetic area that pulls in your seize which is driving out right here, now your grab is what’s connected to the shaft of your air compressor and that is the one that turns with the shaft, so when this turns into activated it pulls on this seize and connects it to your pulley than these two turn together and than thus turn the shaft that is inside your ac compressor. O.K. Now earlier than we remove our coil we’re going to disconnect this connector from it is bracket, by and large takes some fidaling round.So again we take hold of our snap ring pliers, and get it out of there, right here we go. Now we will have to be equipped to pull this out with ease, there. Now putting everything back collectively will have to be simply the reversal of elimination, however you wish to have to pay detailed attention to a couple of things. On this coil for illustration for those who get a new one make sure you line this pin up with this gap right here in any other case this is not going to head in even, so while you get the new one make sure its sitting exceptional and flat towards the compressor and that pin is lined up with that gap.Also if there’s any sign of rust or corrosion on any of those snap rings ensure you exchange it, you don’t want these to brake or come unfastened sometime in the futures. Also at the end when it is time to set up this bolt that attaches your grab to your compressor, make certain you employ some blue thread locker on this, and that you could tighten it utilising the hammer procedure but make sure you do it a couple of times and make certain it is nice and tight while you put it on the compressor.And final but not least recall the little spacer that goes inside of your take hold of, now this spacer once more creates a detailed quantity of space between your snatch and the pulley and it is major to verify that space after you name this repair completed, now this video was extra of a normal video on how your compressor works and how you can diagnose issues with all of the distinct accessories but if you want a more distinctive extra particular video on how you can diagnose problems and exchange the grab and the bearing and the pulley, i will put a link to a video I did about a 12 months and a half ago on this part of the monitor, i’ll also put some other hyperlinks to a couple different related video’s that you simply might in finding intriguing and i suggest you check them out however in the event you preferred this video please bear in mind to provide it a thumbs up, subscribe if you want to see more love it and i’m going to see you next time. 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